Landscape Design

Perma Culture Sustainable provides Landscaping service in and around  
Langebaan area in the Western Cape.

The design process begins when I go out to meet with you to determine your needs and likes from which your garden will be designed. I then pencil sketch a plan as my creative juices start flowing so that the design can be fine tuned along with a tailored made quotation.

My design approach is very much inspired by nature before it ever became popular to do so due to much hiking experience I have under my belt.

I can however design any landscape for you from a more formal garden with straight lines and corners to free flowing country gardens.

My speciality is to design gardens that are in line with the Green Movement and I aim at create gardens for you that are sustainable, functional, low maintenance, water wise, eco friendly and cost effective.

 Our approach is to:

  • Create a quality outdoor environment for the enjoyment of residents;
    and to ensure environmental sustainability, ecological diversity and balance of the
    natural systems in the local area.
  • Ensure a high level of biodiversity in order to promote a sustainable natural outdoor
    environment that is self sufficient and self supporting.
  • Promote diversity of endemic and indigenous species based on aesthetic and ecological requirements.
  • Promote a balance between the natural ecology and the man made environment.
  • Promote water conservation.
  • Promote biodiversity of species which results in a healthy, balanced regenerative outdoor environment.
  • Promote a low maintenance, largely self sufficient appropriate landscape that requires little support.
  • Promote sustainability by using water wise plant species, thus supporting water conservation efforts.


If you are looking for local indigenous and endemic low maintenance and water wise plants from the West Coast and Cape area then visit our Wholesale Nursery in Hopefield (Trade welcome!!!)  

Directions: Turn left at Westford park off the R45, 7km past Hopefield from Malmesbury and from Vredenburg/Langebaan 7km before Hopefield. Follow the Nursery signs. Open to the public every Thursday and Friday from 09:00am to 17:00pm.

 Landscape Water Features

Our naturally filtered energy saving water features can be constructed out of plastic pond liner or reinforced concrete and the finishing detail is done with natural rock and river pebbles usually from your local area.

Every water feature we build is an original.

*When you Landscape your garden with us you will receive the first three months maintenance free!!!

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