Environmental Rehabilitation

Our Landscape technician Kent Cavanagh has gained much experience in this field

during the last 19 years working for big companies like Real Landscapes when they won a S.A.L.I. Gold award for the Meintjieskop environmental rehab project in Pretoria (Union Buildings) that he completed for them in 1999.

And Vula Environmental Services where Kent was involved in numerous environmental rehab projects including Bekbaai and Laaiplek.

Our approach is a practical one which is contributing to the restoration of disturbed land in South Africa.

We focus on-

  • Board walk design and installation.
  • Search and rescue of endangered and endemic flora.
  • Alien removal where it is practical to achieve environmental restoration.

Thus preventing other damaging effects to our environment as a result of alien removal. I.e. soil erosion.

    • Re-use and recycling of waste to decrease the need for landfill sites which in return helps us restore our natural environment.
    • Introduction of endemic and endangered plant species into rehabilitated areas through propagation and planting.


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