Eco Estates

We landscape new and existing houses in Eco Estates.

One of the Eco estates where we currently do work is Langebaan Country Estate (LCE) in Langebaan on the West Coast.

When you landscape your garden with us you will receive the first three months maintenance free!!!

Perma Culture Sustainable Gardens cc is one of the leading Landscapers operating on the Estate. Because this Estate is part of a biosphere reserve their aim and vision for the landscaping on the Estate go hand in hand with ours.

Part of this vision is to promote a balance between the natural ecology and the man made environment, promote sustainability, diversity of indigenous species and the conservation of natural resources such as water.     

The Estate created a plant list to help promote the biodiversity of species that use fewer resources over the long term as compared to exotic and common garden plants. The plants on the list are water wise and largely self sufficient when they have reached a certain level of maturity, thus minimising the need for water and other maintenance.

As a result of the LCE plant list being expanded we have opened a Wholesale Nursery with the aim of propagating plants on the list that are not available to you commercially. This will ensure that the landscaping we do on the Estate for residents will steadily become more diverse and aesthetically pleasing whilst fulfilling the aim and vision of the Estate regarding the landscape.

If you are looking for local indigenous and endemic low maintenance and water wise plants from the West Coast and Cape area then visit our Wholesale Nursery in Hopefield (Trade welcome!!!) 

Directions: Turn left at Westford park off the R45, 7km past Hopefield from Malmesbury and from Vredenburg/Langebaan 7km before Hopefield. Follow the Nursery signs. Open to the public every Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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